I was three months old when I first left Sweden. My parents worked with development aid and by the time I turned 20, I’d lived half my life in Africa (Tanzania, Kenya and Zimbabwe). I’ve also lived in Brussels and Serbia. Nowadays I live in Stockholm, Sweden, with my wife Cindy and our two daughters, Zoey and Emmy. Yet Africa continues to inspire me in so many different ways.
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My life took an unexpected turn in 2007. A relative asked me a simple question: “Why,” he wondered, “are people so interested in leadership but not in followership?”

This question would change my life.

I’ve always been curious, but this particular question triggered something deep within. Since that day, I’ve been studying how and why people follow leaders.

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I now have the privilege of giving lectures and workshops on this topic. I’ve worked with companies, organizations, universities, and as of late, with the Swedish Armed Forces. Meanwhile, I’ve had the great fortune to work as a manager within the financial sector for many years.  

In 2013 I published the book Beyond the Leadership Myth. After that, I started writing a fiction series about leadership and followership. Currently, I am working on a new book about followership. This will be published in Swedish 2023 and I expect the book will be translated into English and published in 2024.

If you find followership interesting, don’t hesitate to reach out!